Consistent Cold Temps Boosting EPB Bottom Line

Friday, January 19, 2018

Consistent cold temps are boosting EPB's bottom line, Chief Financial Officer Greg Eaves said.

The city utility had $1.1 million in revenues from kilowatt sales in December.

It wound up with a positive margin of over $3 million for the month.

Mr. Eaves said January "is looking real good as well with consistent cold temperatures."

He said the fact that the cold weather has been "consistent" has also prevented costly TVA demand charges to EPB.

David Wade, president, noted that during the recent frigid weather that TVA set a new record for electric output.

He said solar has made significant advances, but he said it still does not have the storage capacity to provide adequate heat at all hours during such a cold period.

Mr. Wade said experiments continue with battery storage of solar output. EPB is involved in a project with the Oak Ridge lab on such an experiment on one type battery and is trying lithium ion batteries at its solar array at the Chattanooga Airport.

He said some technical glitzes are being worked through on the battery installations.

He also cited the high cost of the batteries, but said in the future that may drop significantly.

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