Don't Let UnifiEd Take District 6

Sunday, July 22, 2018

The UnifiEd APEX organization is working to remove Commissioner Joe Graham and has their poster candidate running in opposition to Michael Henry for School Board.


Please get the facts before you vote in the District 6 county races and reject the UnifiEd APEX candidates.


Hamilton County Commissioner Joe Graham and Michael Henry, School Board candidate District 6, have been targeted by the radical meddlers from UnifiEd.

 Both Commissioner Joe Graham and Michael Henry are independent thinkers and are not good elected puppet material for UnifiEd.


Commissioner Joe Graham is my kind of leader, and there are few elected leaders I truly believe in. Well, honestly it is a short list. 


I also support the accomplished Michael Henry for School Board in District 6. Who wouldn’t? I loved his quote in the Times Free Press regarding UnifiEd.  Mr. Henry believes that the School Board can lead without third party organizations.


What a novel concept. Imagine that, get elected to the School Board and lead, not follow these third party organizations that no one has elected.  UnifiEd and Chattanooga 2.0 appointed themselves, no one elected them to lead our schools.


Let’s try it, elected leaders.  We have a few elected folks that lead and told UnifiEd they are the elected leaders, only to be called racist, hateful and dangerous. Don’t you just love UnifiEd, so professional and kind?  


The opposition candidates to both Commissioner Joe Graham and Michael Henry for School Board are poster candidates for UnifiEd.  That is right, poster candidates on the radical wall of UnifiEd HQ with Jonas Barriere, formerly of the Obama for America PAC, handing out marching orders and payments to UnifiEd candidates.


I reviewed the campaign financial disclosures of all the candidates in District 6 Hamilton County races. The financial disclosures speak volumes to me. There is no question that opposition candidates to Commissioner Joe Graham and Michael Henry are supported financially by the UnifiEd organization or, collectively, as private donations from UnifiEd board members and their funding organizations.


The campaign financial disclosures are available online from the Hamilton County Election Commission. 


UnifiEd has worked hard to build a political fire wall for their poster candidates.


I also conducted a review of public statements by the candidates in District 6 published on Chattanoogan and other media outlets.   UnifiEd’s failure to endorse in the School Board race is no problem at all, the financial disclosures and public statements speak volumes.  No organization leaves a political financial footprint larger than UnifiEd’s political circus.


In the case of UnifiEd’s opposition candidate to Commission Joe Graham, UnifiEd has spared no expense and gave directly in large amounts. In fact, this District 6 UnifiEd candidate would not have a campaign without the large contributions from UnifiEd.


UnifiEd’s agenda is power and control of our elected Hamilton County Commission and School Board by voting blocs. 


I have seen no indications that Hamilton County residents want UnifiEd’s radical APEX agenda. It appears that the APEX agenda will be forced on us by UnifiEd gaining control of the Hamilton County Commission and School Board.


Based upon review of 1) financial disclosures of each candidate, 2) research of all published statements by these candidates since announcing, District 6 please consider what you are voting for carefully, details contained in APEX Project report, and ask yourself if the UnifiEd APEX is what you want for Hamilton County children.  The devil is always in the details, read the APEX carefully.


Please keep Commissioner Joe Graham and vote for Michael Henry for School Board in District 6


April Eidson

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